Product Offerings

Clover Business Solutions offers many different staffing solutions as part of our Product Offering to our Clients. We take the time to sit down with our clients to gather and understand their business needs, initiatives, budget, scope of responsibilities, level of skills, qualification of job descriptions, and headcount needed for certain project initiatives, department expansion, consolidation or outsourcing. We look to partner with our clients to provide staffing solutions based off the client business requirements that best fit their immediate and long term needs, while still being flexible and accommodating to the hiring decision they make that is most suitable to them during whatever economic condition.

Permanent / Direct Hire

We feel this service is best for our clients long term needs as it keeps our clients cost per hire low, and yields the best return on investment. When our clients decide to make a Full Time Employee hire they not only fix their immediate staffing need they also get an employee, who they can take the time to teach the business, utilize on multiple projects, steadily add to the scope of the employees responsibilities over time, while providing the option to promote from within.

Consulting / Temporary Hire

This service offers clients the fastest staffing solution and most flexibility. Consulting or Temporary hires enable the option of our clients to bring an expert in for a specific problem, project, or short-term replacement of headcount, while keeping the firms cost per hire and turnover numbers low.

Contract to Hire

A very popular service used by our clients. This solution offers our clients the opportunity to have a Consultant or Employee work in a temporary role with the option to hire the person at a later date as a Full Time Employee. Clients feel most comfortable making their FTE hiring decision based off this solution, because it gives both parties the opportunity to evaluate one another. During this time the Consultant will have the opportunity to adapt to the client's cultural environment and prove capable of performing the scope of responsibilities, while providing the client with time to create budget to add additional headcount if the budget isn't already in place.

Statement of Work

Clients like to use this option for projects or proposals, because it defines the specific work activities, deliverables, and timelines performed by the Consultant binding a signed contract. This also offers the Client flexibility to addend or work around certain Master Service Agreements or Consultant/Training Service Agreements that may postpone certain work specific to contractual components in the Statement of Work.

Retained Search

This solution is most commonly used by clients for Executive Searches to limit the cost per hire and dedicate a full time search effort that can span over months or quarters, because of the level of expertise needed. This solution is also commonly used by start-up firms with limited credit history, firms with previous poor credit history or companies trying to emerge out of bankruptcy.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This staffing solution has become more and more common over the past few years, because of the economy and our clients needs to keep the cost per hire low. Clients tend to use this option when business calls for volume hiring efforts. We provide our clients with multiple options and strategies for this solution. We partner with our clients to remove the administrative burden, recruit better people quicker and take responsibility for providing them with an end-to-end recruitment process. This process provides a better solution for the business, while aiming to increase the quality of talent and keeping costs down. This solution provides the client with seamless link between Permanent/Direct, Consulting/Contingency, Executive and Entry-level hires across multiple client departments and businesses.

Professional Services

This division of Clover offers expertise in a number of areas related to technology. We offer our clients a number of project-based solutions and/or domestic outsourcing options. Our Subject Matter Experts provide expertise in a number of areas, which you can find listed by clicking on the Solutions tab on our home page.

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